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sEGGSy shots

It’s time to introduce pig shots to the morning after with our sEGGSy shots! THese are amazing, easy, and fun to make on your pellet grill with a TON of awesome options!

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Member Recipe: Jalapeno & Cream Cheese Stuffed Pork Loin

This tasty recipe brought to you by member Chris Edwards! Chris keeps this one simple; and you can, too! Simply take a chilled whole pork loin and butterfly it. Once it’s completely flat, use a meat mallet and tenderize the entire loin. Using a chilled loin will ensure an easier cut when butterflying it. Cover

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Member Recipe: Smoked Sunflower Seeds

Smoked Sunflower Seeds brought to you by member Kile Kris I love when I find a unique recipe that most people aren’t taking advantage of. Last month, Kile submitted his photo of smoked sunflower seeds for our cover photo of the month and it really impressed me. I reached out to Kile to share his

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