August 2022 Winner: Brian McMillen

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Smoked Pork Shoulder

Brian’s pork shoulder photo was absolutely amazing! He earned our group’s cover photo honors because of it and I was lucky enough to talk to him and learn a bit more about his process.

Brian did an overnight cook of the pork shoulder at 225 degrees. He added hickory chunks and chips to his grill to enhance the smoke profile, and bark, of the shoulder.

Prior to tossing it on his pellet grill, he trimmed up his shoulder. Brian trimmed off all the fat from the shoulder. His reasoning: to get more bark; I respect that and am trying that on my next one!

He injected the shoulder with a 16 ounce mix of Coke, worcestershire, apple cider vinegar, and molasses. 

His rub was just salt, pepper, and garlic – he kept it simple!

He let it run until 165 IT which is when the bark was set. He wrapped the shoulder to hold the juices and added butter, honey, and brown sugar.

At around 195 IT, he noticed the shoulder was probing tender so he pulled it and let it continue cooking in the cooler.

When his family was ready, he removed it from the cooler and that bone came out soooo clean!! They devoured the shoulder and hailed Brian a Backyard BBQ Hero!!

Now it’s your turn to show off your backyard BBQ skills and impress your guests!

Smoke on!


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