Costco Casserole


It’s one of the best times of the year; winter! That means watching football, snow days, and most importantly, casserole season! One of our favorite casseroles is: Costco Casserole! It’s a twist on a casserole my Mom made for me while I was growing up and utilizes a bunch of incredible ingredients from our beloved Costco! It’s easy to make, is a simple way to trick kids into eating vegetables, and it ain’t bad to look at!


  • Two heaping cups of pulled then chopped Costco rotisserie chicken
  • Two cups of cooked then chopped broccoli
  • Two cups of stuffing
  • One can of cheddar cheese soup
  • One can of green beans; drained
  • One can of corn; drained
  • One can of carrots; drained
  • One can of mushrooms; drained
  • Meat Church BBQ: Texas Sugar seasoning

For the last part, you’ll need:

  • One cup of shredded cheddar cheese


Grab a big bowl and mix all ingredients into it at the same time. Have some fun and use your hands to mix it all together! Otherwise, a wooden spoon will do the trick. Start by seasoning the mixture before mixing and then add a bit more once it’s all mixed together. When your mixture is ready, pour it into a glass dish, 13×9 works best, and place onto your smoker at 350F for about a half hour.

After a half hour, it should be close to done. This is when we’ll sprinkle the shredded cheese, as evenly as possible, all over the casserole. Close your lid and let the cheese melt for the final five minutes.

After five minutes is up, remove, serve, and enjoy!!

Smoke on.


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