The Best Texas Style Brisket

It seems the mark of a griller who’s “made it” is the day they smoke an amazing brisket. Let’s face it, brisket is king and there’s no signs of it slowing down. Now, cost has gone up over the years, but it still remains to be the staple in all of our “Feast Days” with family and friends. Nailing that perfect bark, seeing a deep pink smoke ring, and hearing all of our guests “ooh” and “ahh” makes the hours of prep and smoking a brisket worth it! I’ll admit, I probably spent more time than I should researching how to do my very first brisket, but I feel that got me where I am today. In this post, I will help you skip the hours and hours of research. I will show you the exact and easiest way to do a true Texas style brisket. Follow along and enjoy!


  • A 10-12 pound full packer brisket
  • ½ cup of kosher salt
  • ½ cup of crushed black pepper
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • Pink butcher paper


  • You’ll want to start by trimming your brisket
    • To me, this was the most daunting part of the whole process when I smoked my first brisket
    • Trim around the entire brisket leaving about ¼ inch of fat on it
      • Make sure it isn’t boxy or have sharp edges; you will want this brisket to be rounded/aerodynamic (I learned that from Aaron Franklin)
  • Next, take your seasoning and rub it all over the entire brisket; make sure to work it in with your hand
  • Now that the seasoning is set, place it back in your refrigerator and start your pellet grill
  • Set your grill to 250 degrees
  • Once the grill is set, place your brisket with the fat cap UP
    • Put the cap down if you prefer, but I’ve found more success with it up
  • Place thermometer into the thickest part and let it roll until 170 internal temp
  • When it reaches 170, remove from grill:
    • Place on butcher paper
    • Spritz it with straight worcestershire sauce
    • Wrap it tightly with the butcher paper 
    • Place back on grill
    • Insert thermometer
  • Continue to smoke at 250 until it reaches 203 internal temperature
    • Remove from grill
    • Wrap it tightly in two towels
    • Place in a cooler for three-six hours
      • Yes, I said six hours – the longer you can let this rest, the better it’ll be
  • When it’s time to slice and service, remember to go AGAINST the grain
    • Don’t ruin all your hard work by slicing this incorrectly!

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