How To: Do An Overnight Smoke

The beauty of pellet grills is their simplicity. You can almost “set it and forget it” with most recipes and produce offset smoker quality without the hassle. Many recipes will call for longer smokes (brisket and pork butt, for example) and you may want to incorporate the “overnight cook” technique.

In order to do an overnight cook, you’ll first want to make sure your smoker is absolutely clean and ready to go. The burn pot needs to be empty so it won’t back up. The hopper should be full of dry pellets so they burn properly and you won’t run into issues. You’ll also want to make sure the dust in the bottom of the barrel has been thoroughly cleaned, too.

Make sure to check the weather, too, so you avoid any rain or snow issues with your cook. If you can have your grill in a covered area and blocked from the elements, you’re set up for success!

Invest in a baby cam with an app so you can check on your grill from your cam via the app while you’re in bed if you’re ever worried and want to check on it.

Finally, time your cook so you can let your food smoke while you sleep and, if it needs to be wrapped at a certain point, you’ll be awake in time.

My first overnight cook was daunting and I worried quite a bit but I’ve done plenty of them now that it’s just second nature. I hope the same happens for you!


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