What Is: Cold Smoke

Whether you’re new to pellet grilling or not, you’ve heard the term “cold smoking.”

To cold smoke something, you don’t necessarily need a pellet grill but you DO need a pellet tube!

When you cold smoke something, you’re not cooking the product. You’re allowing smoke to penetrate the item for a long period of time and enhancing its flavor.

You can cold smoke:

  • Cheese
  • Water for ice
  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Meat
  • Nuts
  • Snack mixes

We are in Wisconsin and have a ton of opportunities to cold smoke because it’s best to cold smoke when the weather is cold. You’ll run into challenges during the spring and summer seasons with the warmer weather. If you want to try to cold smoke in warmer weather, place a pan filled with ice cubes in your pellet grill to help keep the temperature low.

Simply, light your smoke tube like we’ve taught you and place it either under your grates or next to the items you wish to cold smoke. Let the heat from the lit pellets create the minimal heat you’ll need in your smoker and let the smoke roll over the product you’re smoking!


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