What Does: Reverse Sear Mean?

One of the terms you’ll often hear or read about is, “reverse sear.” I’ve come to love the concept of the reverse sear, especially with my steaks. This is a simple method that means you smoke an item for a period of time and let it get to your desired internal temperature. You then let it rest while cranking the heat of your smoker to finish it off on high heat OR sear it in a hot pan on your stovetop at the end.

It’s an easy and foolproof method to ensure you cook to the correct temperature and create a delicious crust to your food. It’s also the complete opposite of what most restaurants will do; they’ll sear a steak first then stick it in an oven to finish cooking.

What I love most about this method is how easy it really is to create a beautiful steak with a hint of smoke flavor and a perfect crust finish.


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