The Best Smoked Cuban Sandwich


We’ve experienced a TON of amazing food from all over the world at our state fair in Wisconsin. However, for years, my absolute go-to food was this amazing, crispy, gooey Cuban sandwich from a stand in the world market section. A few years ago, they disappeared! I searched high and low for them but they never came back. My wife and I experimented with our own twist on a Cuban and ended up coming close to replicating what we had at our state fair. It wasn’t until we started incorporating our smoked pulled pork and our homemade Canadian bacon that we knew we were close! We never truly matched their recipe but I’ll tell you this: this smoked Cuban sandwich recipe is darn good and I’d put it up against any other Cuban out there! I may never have the Cuban sandwich from the State Fair again yet I am extremely happy whenever I make these sandwiches for when friends are over or just a casual dinner night!


  • One pound of your homemade smoked pulled pork
  • Eight slices of your homemade canadian bacon
  • 16 dill pickle slices
  • Eight slices of swiss cheese
  • Dijon mustard
  • Mayonnaise
  • Butter
  • Four soft baguette style rolls


This is our spin on a Cuban and it hits the spot every…single…time! Follow these steps below to enjoy the best smoked Cuban sandwich you’ve ever had!

  • Heat up your smoked pork and smoked canadian bacon on a griddle
  • While those warm up, bread the insides of your rolls
  • Remove the meat from the griddle and place your rolls on the hot griddle; butter side down 
    • This crisps up the interior of the sandwich and makes for an amazing texture and flavor profile
  • Mix your mayonnaise and dijon mustard together
  • Remove the toasted rolls from the griddle and assemble your sandwich:
    • Spread your mayo/mustard mixture along the interior of the sandwich
    • Place your pickles on the bottom of the roll
    • Place your pork on top of that
    • Next, add your canadian bacon
    • Finally, add your cheese to that and close your roll
    • Place the assembled sandwich back on your griddle with a press
      • A panini press works great, too!
    • Get both sides crispy and your cheese melty
    • Remove, slice, serve, and enjoy!

The smoke from the meats coupled with the mayo/mustard sauce encased in the crispy roll makes for one HECK of a sandwich!


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