The Best Breakfast Sandwich

When you think of a breakfast sandwich, you’re probably thinking of fast food or something from your freezer; but not this! This breakfast sandwich is a staple in our weekend brunch plans and, not to brag, but friends make excuses to come over early just to have one of these made for them!

We’ve built this sandwich around items we’ve either smoked on the pellet grill or made homemade and we’re handing the recipe over to you to master and show off!


  • For one sandwich; amend portions for more sandwiches
    • One homemade biscuit
      • Check out my wife’s homemade biscuit recipe on our site!
    • One large egg cooked YOUR way
      • I prefer over hard while my wife prefers over easy
    • Two slices of your homemade canadian bacon you smoked using our recipe
    • One slice of your homemade bacon, cut in half, you smoked using our recipe
    • One slice of cheese
      • We prefer kraft singles because of their perfect melting point
    • Pinch of kosher salt
    • Pinch of cracked black pepper
    • Hot sauce (optional)


  • This one’s all about the prep so have your ingredients out and ready to go
    • Warm your biscuit for a few seconds if it isn’t fresh out of the oven
    • Place your canadian carbon on a skillet and sear both sides
    • Prepare your bacon the way you like it
      • We prefer oven baked
    • Cook your egg to your desired technique
      • Season with salt and pepper
      • Just before finishing in the pan, drop a chunk of butter in the pan with it
    • Open the biscuit
    • Spread a little butter on both sides of the inside of the biscuit
    • Now we build:
      • Put both slices of canadian bacon on the bottom of the biscuit
      • Place your egg on top of that
      • Put the two halves of homemade bacon on top of the egg
      • Cover with cheese and let the heat from the warm biscuit and bacon melt it
      • Add some hot sauce if you’d like
      • Place top half of biscuit on top
      • Serve and enjoy!

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