Sweet, Salty, and Savory Smoked Cream Cheese

Impress your guests, and yourself, with something they most likely have never had before: smoked cream cheese! You can feed a lot of people on a budget with smoked cream cheese and it’ll be sure to leave an impression on them. Follow along below for our take on a sweet, salty, and savory way to enjoy cream cheese!


  • Two eight ounce packs of cream cheese
    • Make sure to get the package full of fat
  • A pan to smoke them in
  • 2 tbsp of white sugar
  • 2 tbsp of cinnamon


  • Start by removing your cream cheese from the fridge
  • Score the tops of each one
    • This will allow more of the rub to penetrate the cheese
  • Start your smoker up and set it to 200F
  • Season your cream cheese with the sugar and cinnamon
  • When your grill is to temp, place them in pan and onto grill
  • Let the smoke roll for about two hours
  • After two hours is up, remove from grill
  • Enjoy this easy appetizer with crackers, graham crackers, or anything else you’d like to try!

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