Smoked Salt

Smoking salt is a fun and inventive way to incorporate more smoke flavor in your recipes! It will also turn a few heads when you talk to your friends about “what you’re smoking this weekend.” It isn’t an everyday thing to smoke but, I guarantee, they’ll want to try it after they taste your smoked salt!

You’ll want to use the “cold smoking” technique when smoking salt. You don’t want the grill to be on. The only heat source will be coming from your pellet tube. This recipe will take about six hours and will be well worth it!


  • Try a few different salts!
    • Four cups of kosher salt
    • Four cups of coarse sea salt
    • Four cups of flake salt
    • Four cups of moshio salt
      • DO NOT use table salt
        • The particles are too small to absorb any smoke
  • Baking sheet or tin foil
  • Pellet tube filled with any flavor pellet you’d like


  • Light your pellet tube and prep your grill for cold smoking
  • Place your salt(s) on your baking sheet next to your smoke tube
  • Let the tube roll smoke over the salt for about six hours or until it stops smoking
  • Remove salt from grill
  • Let sit five minutes at room temp
  • Bottle it and enjoy!


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