Member Recipe: Jalapeno & Cream Cheese Stuffed Pork Loin


This tasty recipe brought to you by member Chris Edwards!

Chris keeps this one simple; and you can, too!

Simply take a chilled whole pork loin and butterfly it. Once it’s completely flat, use a meat mallet and tenderize the entire loin. Using a chilled loin will ensure an easier cut when butterflying it.

Cover the loin in cold cream cheese and fresh jalapenos. The two ingredients give a wonderful flavor and balance each other out very well. Sprinkle your favorite BBQ rub on top of the mixture. Both sweet and savory work well with this duo.

Roll the loin back up and wrap in thick cut bacon.

Place this product directly on your pellet grill at 240F and let it roll until the loin hits 145F IT.

Remove, rest, then enjoy! Smoke on!


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