How To: Remove Silverskin on Ribs

There are three ways to accomplish removing the silverskin from the back of the ribs. First off, you want to do this because leaving the silverskin on creates an unpleasant texture to the final product. It also denies your rub from permeating with all of the meat. Why spend all of this time and energy if we cannot perfect our craft?!

Option One: ask your butcher to do it when you buy it

This is absolutely the easiest way to do it but what if you buy from a grocery store?

Option Two: score the silverskin with a sharp knife

By scoring the silverskin, you’ll find it renders down quite well BUT it will still be there on the final product

Option Three: take a sharp knife, cut a line up the bone of the rib, grip the flap with paper towel, and pull it off

By using a paper towel, you’ll prevent a slippery grip. You’ll also be able to pull it off with one effort rather than creating shards of it as you pull.


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