How To: Light a Smoke Tube


When you’re new to the world of pellet grilling, or grilling in general for that matter, you learn new tips & tricks all the time. When I first got into smoking on a pellet grill, I saw video after video on people using smoke tubes to “enhance” the meat with more smoke. I went out, bought one, but didn’t know how to use the thing; my first time using one, I used a cheap lighter and it took forever just to get one pellet smoking.

Don’t be like me! Follow these quick and easy steps to get your tube up and smoking.

  1. Grab an empty smoke tube
  2. Fill it almost full with your favorite pellets
  3. Lay it sideways on the side of your grill; close to where your meat will be
  4. Get your small propane torch roaring and direct the flame to the pellets for one minute
  5. Let the fire blaze in the tube for about five minutes then blow out the flame
  6. This will create a few hours of smoke rolling within your grill

TIP: If your propane torch is stored at room temperature, it’ll perform best.


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