How To: Fire Up a Pellet Grill

In case you missed our article on “how to break in my grill,” we have you covered here on how to fire yours up!

Simply, move your smoker about ten feet from any structure/home, plug it into any outlet, and then look for your temperature control panel. Some are knobs, some are buttons, and some may even be all digital. You’ll want to open your grill’s lid to allow the fire to build and then set your grill to your desired cook temp. Some low and slow cooks call for anywhere between 180 and 275 degrees while some grill cooks call for 350 degrees and up. Allow the fire to build in the burn pot after you set the temperature. This can take around five minutes. Then, shut your lid so the ambient temperature can get where you need it to be.

While the grill gets “to temp,” prep the ingredients for your cook!



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