How to: Clean your Pellet Grill

Every grill is different but the same standards apply to all grills. When not in use, keep them fully covered to protect them from the elements. 

The absolute worst thing that can happen to a pellet grill is pellets getting wet, expanding, them jamming and, potentially, breaking your auger. Keeping your grill covered when not in use is a great way to avoid this issue. Also, some of our members empty their hopper after every cook. This is not required but, as simple as this is, is a good practice.

After every 24 hours of smoking, clean out the ashes from the barrel and give it a nice once over. This includes scrubbing the grates, drip pan, deflector tray and making sure they’re clean.

After each cook, empty the burn pot and also scrape the grates. The heat from your cook will make it easy to remove any stuck food and seasoning on the grates.

These grills, even the introductory ones, cost a lot of money. You need to do your best to maintain these machines. A well maintained machine will not only last longer but it will perform better.


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