How To: Break in Your New Grill

You did it! You’re “one of us!” You may be a bit anxious, maybe a bit nervous, but don’t fear – we’ve got you covered!

Your VERY first step after you’ve assembled your grill is to do a “burn in.” You’ll want to follow your smoker’s manual but most of them will instruct you to:

  • Move your smoker ten feet from your home or other structure
  • Plug your smoker into an outlet
  • Open your lid
  • Turn it on
  • Set temperature to at least 375 degrees
  • Let it complete it’s set up (around five minutes)
  • Shut your lid
  • Run for 30 minutes

This “burn in” allows the grill to heat up and cook off any lubricants or other material used during the manufacturing or packing process of your new grill. The last thing you want is to set the grill up, immediately toss some food on to be smoked, then taste nothing but chemicals!

We’re happy you’re a part of this community and hope you enjoy your new pellet grill!


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