How To: Adjust Your Chimney Stack

Your smoker has a chimney stack (also called a smoke stack) on the rear or side of the barrel of the grill. This chimney allows for proper ventilation of your smoker during the cook BUT it also plays a major role in temperature consistency.

Tip for most effective chimney use:

  • In cold weather, you want your chimney to be open only about a quarter of an inch
    • The smaller the opening, the less the cold weather will affect your cook
  • In warm weather, you want your chimney to be open anywhere from a quarter inch to half an inch
    • This will allow for proper air flow and few temperature swings

Having your smokestack open at all times allows the stale smoke to leave the smoker, rather than clinging to your meat, which causes that sour taste we all despise. It also allows for oxygen to help your fire stay consistent in the burn pot and helps prevent creosote build up.

To adjust your chimney stack; simply twist the disc at the top clockwise or counter clockwise until you reach your desired height.


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