No Fuss Chicken Thighs

I can’t tell you why, but it took me a while to want to smoke a chicken thigh. What I can say now is, I am very happy to have perfected two chicken thigh recipes! Thighs are probably my most favorite thing to smoke and they always please a crowd! This recipe here is easy, packed with flavor, and you’ll be so happy you gave it a try. Not just because it lets you BBQ on a budget, but it’s damn tasty, too!


  • 12 chicken thighs
  • 3 tbsp koshler salt
  • 3 tbsp cracked black pepper

Seriously, that’s all you need!


  • Set your smoker to 300
  • Use a smoke tube if you’d like; since we are running at 300, I use one.
  • Pat your thighs dry
  • Apply rub
  • Place on center of grill 
  • Smoke until internal temperature of 140
  • Increase your grill temperature to 400 to crisp up skin
  • Remove from grill when IT reaches 185*

*185 may seem high since chicken only needs to cook to 165 IT but, I promise, try it. There’s so much fat and tissue you want broken down that 185 IT will create the perfect texture and you’ll INSTANTLY realize…this is a BIG CHICKEN WING!!

MITCH TIP: Toss them in your favorite BBQ sauce OR our gameday sauce for another level of flavor!


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