April 2022 Winner: Dean Micheal Gajewski


Dean won our April cover photo contest, and he also earns our “featured member” spot for the month of April! He made some AMAZING looking baby back ribs on his Pit Boss pellet grill.


He began by seasoning his ribs with Tailgate Foodie BBQ rub, wrapped them in plastic wrap, then placed them in his fridge overnight.

When he was ready to smoke, he set his Pit Boss to 225F and smoked his ribs for three hours.

After three hours, he wrapped them in tin foil meat-side down and added:

  • Four tbsp of butter
  • One shot of apple juice
  • One shot of ACV
  • One shot of bourbon

He then wrapped the foil tightly and smoked them for an hour.

After an hour, he unwrapped the ribs and placed them back on his smoker (meat-side up).

He let them tighten back up for another hour. During this hour, he basted the ribs with Tailgate Foodie’s All-American BBQ sauce three separate times to create a nice caramelized glaze.

After an hour was up and the ribs were set, he removed from the smoker, sliced, and served!

You can find more of his work on IG @thetailgatefoodie and on Facebook: The Tailgate Foodie.


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